Handheld Massage Roller, TriggerPoint? GRID® STK, Muscle Relief

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THIS PRODUCT: The TriggerPoint? GRID® STK is the world’s first handheld foam roller wrapped in the patent-pending GRID 3-dimensional surface. This unique surface design replicates the feeling of a massage therapist’s hand and channels nutrients directly to the tissue, helping to enhance health and mobility. Featuring AcuGRIP handles for targeted relief on minor aches and pains. The convenient, portable size makes it easy for you to take the GRID STICK with you to the office, the gym, and even on the road. Available in two densities, regular and extra-firm. Water-resistant, easy to clean, and backed by a one-year warranty. ABOUT THE BRAND: TriggerPoint empowers people of all lifestyles to move and feel better. TriggerPoint designs and develops innovative massage therapy tools that mimic the touch of a therapist’s hands? making their foam rollers, hand rollers, massage sticks and balls ideal for individuals of all ages, sizes, and athletic ability.

  • Convenient size is perfect for the gym, office, or travel
  • Patent-pending 3-dimensional surface to replicate the feeling of a massage therapist’s hand
  • AcuGRIP® handles provide targeted compression to release knots and tightness
  • Water-resistant and easy to clean
  • Measures 24 x 4.72 inches (L x W)
  • Backed by a one-year warranty


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