InterDesign Linus Office Supplies Desk Organizer with Paper Tray, White

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The key to your items arriving in one piece? Duck Brand Original Bubble Wrap Cushioning – it keeps objects protected whether they’re in the mail or on the move. Featuring Air Lock Technology that maintains consistent cushioning and a long lasting protection, this Bubble Wrap easily conforms around your most treasured items and gifts for light-as-air cushioning. Plus it fills up empty voids when you’re packing boxes so your valuables stay put during mailing, shipping, moving and storage.
Duck Brand Original Bubble Wrap Roll, 12 In. x 200 Ft., Clear
When moving, storing or mailing your valuables, Duck Brand Original Bubble Wrap Cushioning provides consistent cushioning and protection so your items don’t get damaged. Use to wrap products in the mail or as void fill in boxes when moving.
  1. Original Bubble Wrap cushioning roll features small size bubbles
  2. Conforms easily around delicate and valuable items during moving, mailing and storage
  3. Features Air Lock Technology nylon barrier seal to hold air longer and protect items better
  4. Perforated every 12 inches to easily tear off the roll
  5. Lightweight for cost-effective shipping
  6. Place the bubble cushioning on the inside towards your valuables for the best protection


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