Mainstays 5-Speed 150-Watts Hand Mixer with Chrome Beaters, White

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Mainstays Hand Mixer allows you to expand your kitchen capabilities and experiment with new recipes
  1. 5 speed design gives you more control to choose the perfect setting for each cooking or baking task
  2. Ideal for whipping, blending, beating and mixing
  3. Powerful 150-watt design
  4. Motorized mixer takes the burden off your arm muscles during mixing tasks
  5. Durable chrome-plated beaters can be ejected for simple and swift clean-up and are dishwasher safe
  6. Clean white finish easily coordinates with your existing kitchenware and appliances


Tired of preparing the same recipes week after week? Expand your kitchen capabilities with the Mainstays 5-Speed 150-Watt Hand Mixer with Chrome Beaters. This appliance is the ideal choice to meet all of your whipping, blending, beating and mixing needs. Whether you are looking to create a sophisticated souffle, a classic cake or your family’s secret recipe, the Mainstays Hand Mixer has got you covered. With 5 different speeds to choose from on the mixer, you will have more control than ever to prepare your dish with precision, without wearing out your arm muscles as with traditional hand-mixing. The unit comes in white to suit all design styles and color palettes with two durable chrome-plated beaters for reliable, long-term use. After you?re done mixing, simply press the eject button to release the beaters and toss them in the dishwasher for stress-free clean-up. Regardless of your culinary experience and confidence, you?ll find that the Mainstays 5-Speed Hand Mixer is easy to use. Bring it home today, get out the cookbooks and prepare to whip up something fabulous! It s is sure to become your new best friend in the kitchen.


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