Learning Mats and Puzzles Set recommended for ages: 4+

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Evaxo Learning Mats and Puzzles Set

Here’s a new fun way to develop and sharpen essential skills from learning letters and numbers to problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Start building a foundation for academic success through play.

Recommend Ages: 4+
Format: Bundle


  • Alphabet Learning Mats – Lead children on the road to literacy! Colorful mats and letter tiles make learning and practicing the alphabet fun. Learning Mats: Alphabet kit helps children name the letters of the alphabet, recognize and match uppercase and lowercase letters, sequence letters, identify letter-sounds, and more.
  • Number Learning Puzzles – Make learning and practicing numbers and counting fun with the Learning Mats: Numbers & Counting kit. The kit helps kids recognize and name, count, trace and write numbers 1 to 10. They’ll learn to identify and place numbers in order, understand the relationship between numerals and quantities, and perform simple addition and subtraction.
  • Patterns Learning Mats – Develop and sharpen problem-solving and critical-thinking skills with the Learning Mats: Patterns kit. This kit helps children learn to recognize simple patterns, geometric shapes, and describe, extend, and explain the next element in a simple, repeating pattern.
  • Classifying Learning Puzzles – Here’s a fun way to build vocabulary and classification skills! The 20 self-checking, 5-piece puzzles in this set is designed to help kids develop vocabulary and to gain a better understanding of how objects or animals are classified. Each puzzle is unique—great for self-checking—and features a category at the center and four matching picture/word puzzle pieces!


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